The history of post-war Europe is dizzying in its breadth - from reconstruction, to the Cold War, to the present complexities of the European Union. Central and Eastern Europe are home to tremendous creative energy - in no small part thanks to an extraordinary revival of Jewish communities that had all but disappeared.  



Poland is a trip through the full spectrum of modern history - with a full view of the imperial powers, the world wars, Communist rule, and European integration. The catastrophe of the Holocaust remains painfully on display, but so does much of what we continue to identify as Ashkenazi culture. In Poland, we will take in castles, ancient synagogues, war sites, and bustling charm of medieval cities on the rise. 

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Few countries embody so many historical contradictions: Enlightenment high culture, a dramatic descent into depravity, and an ongoing confrontation with past sins. The most powerful country in Europe - with fast-growing Jewish and refugee communities - holds the keys to the continent's past and future. A trip to Germany melds fairy-tale architecture, powerful commemorations of a troubled past, and an arts scene like no other.

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Great Cities of Eastern Europe

Custom build your ideal trip from Berlin to Budapest, with stops in the likes of Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. Sip coffee in plazas dotted by Renaissance churches, Baroque palaces and Enlightenment sculptures. See the stomping grounds of Kafka, Mahler, and Freud. Learn about past and contemporary Jewish life, and understand history's role in shaping the region's approach to its neighbors and the world. 

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