New York City of glass and steel was once New Amsterdam, one of America's oldest cities. Today, nearly the whole world is represented here. See up close the awe-inspiring grandeur of this global metropolis, along with its many small-neighborhood charms. 



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Immigrant New York

The starting point of many immigrants in the New World, New York City holds countless tales of immigrant struggles and American dreams. See the many peoples of Five Points, Chinatown, Little Italy, Kleindeutschland, and the Lower East Side.

Colonial And Revolutionary America 

One of America's oldest cities, New York saw lots of action during colonial times and the Revolutionary War. Explore the early days of European settlement in New Amsterdam up through the establishment of New York City as the first U.S. capital.  

Jewish Lower East Side

A tour through the Lower East Side explores life following the arrival at Ellis Island for the Eastern European Jews. Visit the Yiddish Forward Building, Eldridge St Synagogue, the Gershwin brothers' childhood home, and some critical nosh stops.

New York Harbor

Take the ferry across New York harbor to soak in Lady Liberty. Continue seaward to Ellis Island to follow in the footsteps of the immigrants who helped build the country we know today. 

Harlem: Past and Present

Explore an epicenter of African American history, music, literature, and politics. Learn about the various immigrant groups that have called this rapidly gentrifying neighborhood home.


Cross the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to visit what was once a Dutch village, and is now the heart of hipster America. Sample some of the best roasts, brews, and eats on offer in New York.