Since 1654, when the first Jews in North America landed in New Amsterdam, the archipelago of New York Harbor has been incredibly rich in 400 years of Jewish Heritage. Come explore the wealth of the modern Jewish experience in all its variety.


Social Activism in the Lower East Side

Much of the American “Security Blanket” originated in ideas inspired by the daily struggle of the immigrant experience.


From the Beats, poets, rockers and Punk

The 1950’s through the 1980’s saw Greenwich Village as the epicenter of American counterculture. Hear the stories of the rejects, the addicts, the failures, and the “others,” who created earth-shattering cultural movements.

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Classic Jewish Lower East Side

From 1881 through World War, millions of Jews entered New York Harbor in search for a new life in a new world. This is the story of today’s American Jewish Community.


Biblical Israel Through the Exhibits of the Met

Enter the world of the figures of the Bible through the art and archeological exhibits of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Colonial Jewish History

The dawn of American Jewish history begins with a group of Sepharardi refugees petitioning to enter Dutch New Amsterdam fleeing religious persecution.


When Harlem was Jewish

At the turn of the twentieth century, Harlem was the third largest Jewish community on earth, after the Lower East Side and Warsaw.


The Hidden Jewish History of Central Park

The “Green Lung” of NYC is one of the great masterpieces of 19th Century art. Hidden amongst its green pastures lies the clues to a Jewish past.


Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

The “Jewish Plymouth Rock” is the site where the American Jewish experience began for most Jews in the U.S. today.


Brooklyn Jewish History

No place in America recollects the modern Jewish experience like Brooklyn. From Hipsters to Hassids, Brooklyn hosts the dynamic Jewish future.