Robert A. Milltown, NJ

While i was excited for our family trip to Israel (my first time) I was a bit skeptical about how fun it would be.  I thought it would be more of a history lesson than a fun vacation.

Not with Cicerone. 

Our tour guide, in addition to dealing with a large family with diverse desires, hit it out of the park every day.  While there was tons of history, it was living history as we toured many parts of the country to the typical and not so typical stops.  

While we were able to spend time at the major sites, where our guide did a great job of making our tour feel unique and specialized, we were also to spend a lot of time off the beaten path.

I travel a lot, and to me when I leave a destination I want to feel like not only did I see all the big things, I also got to go where the locals and absorb a feel for the community.  

I thought there was no way that would happen traveling in a private bus with ten people from three generations all over a small country in 10 days, but Cicerone pulled it off.  Every day I thought, well that was awesome, there's no way the rest of the trip will be that exciting, but every day it was.  

Our guide was great with the children and detail oriented enough for the adults.  

And the FOOD!!!  Every restaurant on the itinerary hit it out of the park. We have relatives and family friends who lived in different parts of Israel for years.  We asked them for their best local recommendations, and all of them were already on our itinerary.

I never go online to review anything, but I had to do this for Cicerone.  Mainly because we were very anxious about our trip and would we be seeing the right things and doing the right activities.  From the beginning of our planning, the staff at Cicerone was patient, responsive and flexible based on our changing needs. 

I know you will feel the same way about your experience with them.

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