Ms. Yael Nakhon Harel, Chief of Staff, Posen Foundation Israel Haverim and Ms. Hani Mimrame Director, Kol Israel

Dear Jonathan

I hope this letter finds you well!

On behalf of   Kol Israel Haverim the Posen Foundation and  the UJA Federation New York , WE wish to offer our warmest  thanks for meeting with our MAOF (Tradition, Values and Politics) delegation of parliamentary advisors last month.

Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge, expertise, and valued perspective on the challenges and intricacies of the American Jewish community. Our group of parliamentary advisors were excited, and inspired by what you had to teach them.

This trip overall contributed and challenged our advisors to sharpen and deepen their understanding of North American Jewry, which they will now be able to use in their parliamentary work in the Knesset.

We are convinced that this experience will ultimately raise awareness in the Knesset, and in the Israeli public sphere, of the importance and benefit of connecting our communities across Israel and North America. 

Wishing you all the best,

Ms.Yael Nakhon Harel                                                                           Ms. Hani Mimrame

Director,                                                                                                Chief of Staff,

Posen Foundation Israel                                                                         Kol Israel Haverim                                          

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